Hiding In The Shelter Of His Wings

I was sitting talking to a good friend yesterday over a bottle of anointing oil.  We were talking about the importance and necessity of hiding in the shelter of the Eagles’ Wings (Isaiah40).

We both needed to remind each other that the shelter is available and waiting for us.

Life gets hard.  Ministry gets hard.  Parenting gets hard.  Relationships get hard.  Circumstances get hard.  Pursuing your dreams gets hard.

I am learning that it is what you do during those hard times that counts.  You can choose to grow or you can choose to not grow.  And in order to grow you have to have a safe place to process, a safe place to sit, a safe place to be refreshed, and safe place to heal.

You need to hide in the Shelter of His Wings.

I was tempted to quit the other day.  I did not want to quit Ministry all together, I just wanted to quit a Sub-Ministry I was leading.   As I was pouring my heart out to God, I felt Him pull me in.

As I left a Doctor’s Office recently, I could not get out of the lobby before the tears started pouring down my face.  When I got to my vehicle, I slid into it and shut the door.  Draw close to me, I heard Him say, I have got you.  I sat there for quite awhile not able to move before I felt myself relax and surrender to Him.

It has been a tough couple of months for us on a few different levels, but through this journey He has been teaching us that everyone needs the shelter of His Wings once in awhile.  This Summer we had planned a mini vacation to go visit some kindred friends, the beach, and NYC.  While I was driving home I realized that not only did I not feel more relaxed after a time away, but I felt more worn out and spent.  With everyone sleeping all around me, I whispered to God that I felt like I needed more. I needed quiet and nature to refresh and revive me.  I knew our upcoming schedule and I knew that there were no large blocks of time left in the summer months to allow for such a trip, besides booking a rental place this late in the season would be next to impossible.  I cried out to God that He knew what I needed, I knew what I felt like I needed, but He knew our lives and could orchestrate better than I ever could.  I hid in His Wing again as everyone slept and as I cried, I knew He heard my heart.  Within four days, without me breathing a word of my prayer even to my husband, a couple came to us that had a cottage on a Finger Lake nearby.  It wasn’t booked for a few days, would be like to take the boys?  The Shelter of His Wings.

He longs for us to draw near to Him.  Sometimes it is not easy what we as Ministry Wives do.  Sometimes the journey gets hard.  Sometimes we have to give up more than others around us to pursue the Dream and Calling He has placed on our lives.

This summer for me has been all about learning how to hide in the Shelter.  Learning that hard times come, but am I going to let it damage me and my future or am I going to take it to the One who has called me on this journey?  He knows, more than we do, exactly what we will need and He has the means to provide it.

Have you allowed yourself the pleasure of hiding in the Shelter of His Wings lately?

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About Rachel

Rachel currently serves as co-pastor in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Her heart for children is reflected in her many years of children's ministry. She brings a unique perspective through her candid and creative writings regarding life, ministry and family. She and her husband have been serving in pastoral ministry together since before their marriage in 1999. They have 3 beautiful boys. You can also follow her journey on twitter.com/rachelczyz.

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